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Who we are

Meet our innovative team

Nedělník, ZVT

RNDr. Jan Nedělník, PhD.

Director of the Agriculture Research, Ltd.

Jan Nedělník is a deputy director and researcher of the Agriculture Research, Ltd. He managed various research projects and he is actively involved in scientific community as a vice-chairman of Czech Agriculture Academy, deputy chairman of Association of Research Organisation of, member of editorial boards scientific journals.

Kubáňková, eie

Ing. Marie Kubáňková, PhD.

Strategy Manager

Marie Kubankova is a project manager of CZTEE platform, she prepares and coordinates various projects of technological transfer, R&D marketing and evaluation. She is actively involved in the research in the area of R&D management and sustainability reporting. She is the right person to contact if you want to cooperate

Drozen, VŠE

doc. Ing. František Drozen, CSc.

Professor at the University of Economics

František Drozen is Associate Professor at the University of Economics, Prague, he is a researcher focused on culture evaluation, social value and social performance of SME and NGOs. He is a Member of Scientific Council of the Institute of Integration of ČR into European and World Economies and Member of Advisory Team of the Minister of Justice.

Hyršlová, University of Pardubice

doc. Jaroslava Hyršlová, Ph.D.

Associated professor at the University of Pardubice

Jaroslava Hyršlová is an associated professor at the University of Pardubice. She has vast experiences with creation and implementation of methodical instruction and international standards in area of environmental management accounting, sustainability accounting and reporting and its application at the microeconomic level.

Sassmanová, University of Ostrava

Ing. Veronika Sassmanová, Ph.D.

Junior Research at the Technical University of Ostrava

She is focused on research and development in the are of thermochemical conversion technologies for alternative fuels and waste usage. She is a leader of a young researches, Ph.D. students and she is also providing lectures at Department of Power Engineering.

Sassmanová, University of Ostrava

Ing. Ivana Poláková

Project Manager

Ivana Poláková has vast experience with Interreg projects. She has been involved in project preparation and management in past fifteen years and successfully managed projects of Phare programme, Progress, Interreg IV. C, Central Europe. She coordinates international project preparation and networking of czTEE platform currently for DANUBE Transnational Programme.

TEE members

Some of our rising partner network


VŠB - Department of Power Engineering
Zemědělský výzkum Troubsko
Asociace výzkumných organizací
Interreg Europe
Visegrad Fund


Interreg Central Europe




We like also statistics and performance measurement.


Main Interests

We are mainly interested in areas of energy, transport, agriculture and economics.


Partner Network

Our platform connects more than 25 research organisations, SMEs, NGOs, we are cooperating closely with public bodies and policy makers.


Realized Projects

We have successfully realised over 27 projects supported by both national funds and EU funds


Creative Ideas

We have a lots of interesting and innovative ideas. Our average is 39 per month :)

We will do our best to spice up your project

There are just a few topics that might be an interesting inspiration for you.

  • Technological Transfer, Creative Incubator
  • Pre-seed activities & Proof of Concept project
  • Strategic development plans & Strategic Map
  • Sustainable reporting & Sustainable Indicators
  • Performance Management System

About TEE

TEE platform associates experts from the technical, economic and environmental areas. We are open to your project proposals and work together.

Technology Environment Economics


Here you can download brochures about TEE members

Brochure AVO Profile (download in pdf)

Brochure ZVT Profile (download in pdf)